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Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly

Miss Mya
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This shit is all old.... I want to update it but I'm a lazy cunt.......

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40 below summer, 40s, 50s, 7th plague, a perfect circle, aaf, abarat, adrenalin, akaradio, american gods, anime, art, astronemy, baldurs gate, being an idiot, black eyeliner, bloody marys, books, buffy, candy, celtic music, ceres, charles de lint, children of bodom, chrono cross, cky, clasic rock, clive barker, computers, concerts, cooking, cradle of filth, danny elfman, dave mckean, deftones, dimmu borgir, down, drawing, dreams, drinking, drums, elliott smith, everclear, exploited, extra sensory perception, family guy, faries, fetish, fight club, final fantasy, food, foofighters, fuck, fukus, fushigi yugi, gabber, gay emo glasses, golden boy, graveyards, greek myths, hatebreed, hauntings, hayden, horror, hot showers, ill nino, in flames, j-rock, japanese culture, jet, john linnell, junji ito, kitties, kmfdm, l frank baum, la blue girl, live music, liz phair, lotr, love hina, lucid dreaming, manga, margaritas, maynard, meditation, metal, mikes and ikes, moom, morphine, msi, mudvayne, music, mysticism, neil gaiman, nin, paganism, pantera, peaches, peter jackson, photography, psychic, quentin tarantino, religion, rollins, rpgs, rum, sailormoon, sakura, sam raimi, sandman, sandman graphic novels, simon and garfunkel, skies of arcadia, slaves on dope, slayer, soup, spines, spirituality, stabilo boss, steppen wolf, stone temple pilots, stutterfly, sublime, superiority, supernatural, swiming, system of a down, taproot, tarot, tattoos, telekinesis, telepathy, the eagles, the elements, the nightmare before christmas, the thief of always, they might be giants, tim burton, tits, tool, traveling, trigun, vintage clothing, waterfalls, weezer, white zombie, wine, writeing, ypos